Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last views of Poland

While we were being driven around, I really noticed the old Soviet-era look to the buildings.  Although you could see some nicely painted and repaired buildings, I would say the majority of what we saw was older, and sometimes in disrepair.

We were told this is a mental hospital.

Apartment building.

Many concrete buildings look like this- like they just need a good power-washing.

Or, plaster and paint just falling off.

This is a railway bridge and viaduct that was originally built in the 1840, but was blown up by the Germans in 1944.  They began rebuilding it in 1947.

We stayed at the Blue Beetroot hotel, which was charming!  Here is my dinner card:

This is the dining room, which is normally open as a restaurant and bar.

Polish goulash, and potato pancakes!

We also took a tour of the city centre of Boleslawiec.   This church is 1000 years old.

These buildings border the market square.

This is a government building, showing the crest of Boleslawiec.

These medallions are under a bridge.  I wish you could tell just how huge they are!

This is a memorial to a Russian general, that used to stand in the town square, and then after the war, it was moved to a side street.  

This is a WWII memorial, installed on the old town walls.

In the city center is a beautiful park, with a lake.

I'm really grateful that I got a chance to go to Poland, even if I only saw one tiny part of it.  I'd love to take a road trip and explore more of the country- especially over to the area of Bialystok/Sidra, where my great-grandmother was from.  That part of Poland is way on the Eastern side, so many hours drive from where we were.

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