Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garden update

Our kitchen garden is growing right along.....

Here are some pictures from the second week of May:
Pepper plants, Onions and Broccoli
Spinach, Peas and Zucchini
Tomatoes- on the left is an Heirloom, on the right is a Hybrid

Now for comparison, I took these pictures a few days ago:
It's hard to tell, but the Broccoli is much bigger and the Onions are bulbing...the Peppers are close to the same.
The Peas are growing like crazy, the Zucchini have little fruits forming, and on the right you can see my Beets hanging in there.  The Spinach isn't looking too promising (you can't see it in this picture).
The Tomatoes finally stopped acting like they were going to die, they both are putting out a lot of flowers, so hopefully we'll see some tomatoes in a few weeks!
I've been picking little green worms off the Broccoli leaves, and there are ladybugs on the Heirloom tomato plant.  I don't know why they aren't on the Hybrid, but they aren't!  Emily told me to leave the ladybugs so they'll eat the that's what I'm doing.  Just send me a bill for the horticulture consultation okay Em?  

Here is my herb garden, with some nice rows of carrots sprouting up!  I have even used the Rosemary, Oregano, and Basil in a few recipes already!  I'm not sure what the Lavender would be used for, but it is pretty.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ocean to Bay Ride 2009

While I was training for the triathlon I kept hearing people in the cycling community talking about local races and events.  By far everyone's favorite was the MS 150 during the last weekend of May-  a 2 day long 150 mile ride on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  I talked with a few people about the amount of training required, how hard the ride is, and how hard it is to raise the minimum fund-raising amount of $250.00.  The responses I heard were all the same.....the training is just to lengthen your normal workouts a little, the ride is easy and fun, and the fund-raising is not too hard as long as you use the tools they provide!  Of course.....I'm not convinced that riding 150 miles in 2 days is going to be easy- not matter how flat the course is.  But, I can do it.

The only person that I know who really rides a bike besides the other triathletes at the Y is my friend Brandi.  So, I called her and asked if she'd consider doing the ride with me, she was excited about the idea as soon as I mentioned it!

Another problem was that I knew Marshall would be gone.  I didn't know if anyone was willing or able to come up and stay at our house for the weekend.  I didn't realize that it is Marshall's parents' Anniversary weekend when I asked them if they were willing to come, but luckily for me they are willing to share their Anniversary with Maddox so I can go and ride in the race!

So, I signed up to be on a team of people who work out at the YMCA with me.   The name of our team is "Ready, Steady, Go!" and so far we have 5 members.  I know that the economy is bad and finances are tight for a lot of people.  So, if you happen to need a tax deduction (HA!) or if you woke up this morning and thought "Man, I really need to make a donation to charity sometime soon", then THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!  :)

If you click on this link it will take you to my Participant Page where you can make a donation to the National MS Society.  If you know someone with MS and would like to make a donation in their name, send me a quick message and I'll post it here on my blog!  If you have already donated (you rock!) and you want to designate your donation to honor someone, just let me know  :)  I'll also make sure their name is added to the list of honorees for the event.  Even if you can't donate, go out and do something active.....take care of your body because it is the only one you'll ever have!

Monday, May 11, 2009

pre Mother's Day activities

Maddox's CDC had a Mother's Day tea last Thursday, it was a lot of fun!

Mdx and some of her friends eating snack.
The tea and cakes in the decorated classroom.
The giant card that she made for me.
This is a flower pot that Mdx painted and a giant crayon with a plastic flower coming out of the top.  What a cute idea! Mdx is eating a fruit snack in this pic.
It is already getting some use!

Here's a little of what we've been doing with the new table:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

They say that you don't understand what it means to be a Mother until you actually ARE one!  I think this is so true!  I definitely have understood and appreciated my Mom much more these past few years, and have gotten to know her even better.  You all might know my Mom, heck, some of you probably know her better than me!  Reasons why I think she's awesome:

She put up with me for the past 29 years!!  Seriously, most of you probably do not understand what a miraculous thing this actually is.  As a child, I like to think I was of average peskiness, but I have very distinct memories of doing some very bad things.  Let's see- there was the time that I carved "Emily did....." (it was going to say "this" next, but I ran out of time) into the front of Emily's beautful wooden dresser.  Or the time that I told a lie to Rachel's parents and crossed the street to jump on the trampoline!  That one earned me a spanking from Rachel's Mom AND my Mom!!  I remember getting in trouble one time and being sent to my I stomped up the stairs I turned around and screamed "YOU DON'T LOVE ME!!".    Sheesh! Horrible.  

Teenager-hood was worse, I'm sure.  I don't remember much of it, but I DO remember doing/saying dreadful things that MAY or MAY NOT have involved lying about where I was spending the night, or writing all my friends' phone numbers on the wall with a marker.   You know- so I wouldn't lose them.  Mom was probably counting down the days until I would just "leave for college" and then lo and behold.....I went to college 5 blocks away.  She did let me know that they found the beer under my bed after I left AND the construction sign that I had stolen from Maggie's front yard.  OOPS!  Mom didn't smile when I told her she could drink the beer.

I'll stop the life-story there, but I think you get my point: the fact that I'm a thriving mostly-functional happy adult is only by the grace of God and the fact my Mom must have lost a bet at some point. :)  Just kidding Mom, thanks for letting me live!

Some things my Mom has said: 

-"When you have your own house you can get a monkey"

-"Mary Greg, get your hair out of your face or I'm gonna get a hair clip!"

-"No one has anything they need to say on the phone after 9:00 pm!"

-"Mary, nothing you do surprises me anymore!"

Things my Mom did that I'll always remember:

-Mom worked at the ribbon table during my swim meets.  I would run over and see her before and after I swam, and no matter how I did she always gave me a hug and told me "Great job sugarplum!".  I loved getting a ribbon and recognizing my Mom's handwriting on the back.

-Mom and Dad had some great records and we'd listen to them while cleaning the house or reading.  Some of my favorites (thanks to Mom and Dad!) Carole King, Air Supply, Neil Diamond, Godspell, P.D.Q. Bach, the Chipmunks, Footloose, Harry Chapin and "We Are the World" by Michael Jackson and Friends!

-Mom would take us to the library during the summer and let us check out ARMFULS of books,   as many as we could carry back to the car!  I remember looking at kids whose Mom would only let them check out a few books and thinking my Mom was WAY cooler than theirs!

-She always wrote me letters when I was a summer camp, Governor's School, and in Finland. I know that this is where I got my appreciation and understanding of correspondence.  

Things I love about my Mom RIGHT NOW:

- My Mom really has helped build a loving supportive community around herself.  She has close friends, far friends, church friends, old high school friends, carpool friends, etc.  She participates actively when she can, and catches up with people when she can't.  Mom is an example of the saying "A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be".  

-Mom gives what she can.  I know that if I genuinely need something, I can go to her and if it's in her power, she'll help me comes very naturally to her.

-Mom has blossomed in her new role as "Grammy" these past 7 years!  With Taylor, Anderson, and now Maddox, she seems to have new energy whenever the kids are around!  She is strict enough to keep order in the house, but has a great understanding of what kids like and need as far as activity and attention!

***Stop the presses!!  Mom just bought her first plane ticket online! She has reached a whole new level of coolness!***

I'm going to stop here (I need to save some things to write in the future!) but I hope this post helps you all know my Mother a little better.  I love you Mom, Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's her job

I hope you all can see this picture, it's hilarious!

On another note- Happy Birthday T.A.!!  Seven years; wow you are so big!  The MacFamily loves you very much!  Maddox will give you a big sloppy kiss next time we see you.  

Friday, May 1, 2009

new table

This table and chair were a fabulous yard sale find from last weekend.  They are both very sturdy and in great condition.  I was wanting a table where Maddox could sit, eat, play, color, etc...and this is the perfect size!  No more eating in the booster seat on the floor, now we sit together at the table!  Hopefully I can find at least one more small chair, but for now one is enough.  Now I need to decide if I want to paint the table, or leave it the way it is.  The problem is that it looks very obviously used and has scratches and marks (they really aren't that bad)-but I can't decide which color would be best to paint it since we don't always plan on having it in our Dining Room forever. 
Mdx enjoys having her own space to spread out her things.
We've had a lot of hot weather recently, so we spent a lot of time outside!

In this video Mdx is very sweaty from playing outside.  I had to practically chase her through the yard to get her to come back in.  

We got out the little duck sprinkler that Marshall's Aunt Cheri gave to Mdx.  It kept falling over because our grass was way too long-as you can see.
The wheelbarrow comes in handy when you are as busy as she is!

So much fun, but I didn't really want to get wet!  This is so different from last summer, when she couldn't even walk!