Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sound of Music tour

I got a lot of recommendations for Sound of Music tours, but decided to go with Bob's Special Tours.  The biggest selling point for me was that it was a smaller van (not a huge tour bus-which we saw plenty of.....50 people with 1 guide), and they would pick us up at our B&B, which was a lot more convenient for us, since we weren't staying in the city center.

Our tour guide was awesome (see him at center, in the lederhosen!).  He knew so many facts, and spoke perfect English.  He spoke into a microphone while he drive, and our tour was accompanied by songs from the Sound of Music soundtrack.

We began seeing the Hohensalzburg Castle, which was shown in the movie.

Known sometimes as the Salzburg Fortress.

It was a bright, sunny day- perfect weather for our tour!

We rode to the Leopoldskronn Palace, which is where the scenes that were behind the house were filmed.  This is where Maria and the children fell out of the boat, into the water!

Do you recognize those trees?  The Von trapp children were playing in them as their father and Uncle Max rode by in a car.

Marshall was so patient, trying to get a picture with the kids, but Maverick wasn't cooperating- as you can see, Mdx was frustrated!

Sadly, this is as close as you can get to Schloss Frohnburg, which was the Von Trapp house front view.  This is the gate where Maria sang, and skipped across the courtyard to ring the front bell.  This house now hosts a Mozarteum Music Academy.

This is the Pavilion from the movie (but the interior scenes were filmed on a Hollywood set).  It is at the Hellbrunn Palace, which had great gardens, and play areas for the kids!

We drove about 20 minutes away, to see the field where Maria and the children sat and learned how to sing.  You couldn't see the village behind them, thanks to the camera angle they used.

This is the Mondsee Cathedral, where the wedding was filmed!  They made it look much bigger in the movie! It was not very big at all!

I always thought the aisle that Maria walked down was really long, but they shot the camera angle to make it seem longer, and she walked extremely slowly.

Here is where the wedding was filmed!

The tour ended by dropping us off at the Mirabell gardens, where quite a few parts were filmed.  Do you recognize these statues?

The Sound of Music tour was absolutely worth the time and money, and I highly recommend it!

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JaclynJohnson said...

we did that tour in 1998. LOVED it! thanks for all the pics since who knows where mine are anymore. :-)