Friday, December 27, 2013

Clara Maria Cheese and Clogs

We spent Labor Day weekend on a trip to Amsterdam.  On our way into town we stopped at a cheese and clog farm that was recommended to me by a friend, called Clara Maria.  It was right outside of Amsterdam, and easy to find. 

This is the back parking lot.  Behind it is a beautiful pasture with cows.

This is a really cute place to stand in some huge clogs!

Both the kids thought it was cool.

There are so many different colors, sizes, and designs of clogs- and they make them all there!

Would you wear these?  Where would you wear them?

The owners are extremely friendly, and spoke excellent English.  They gave a demonstration for all the children and parents who gathered around.

This machine is really powerful- used to hollow out the insides.

Another part of the building is used for their cheese production.

They make many different flavors of cheese- we picked up a few small wheels of garlic, herb, and farmer's cheese.  They are staying cool in our basement until we enjoy them!

Here are the small wheels.

You can see just how big some of these wheels are!

After we finished up, we drove into Amsterdam to find the apartment that we rented using!

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