Thursday, December 26, 2013

Brandi and Seth in Deutschland

Brandi and Seth arrived towards the end of July, for a European Tour.  They hit lots of hot spots along the way, and spent some time with us too!

While they were here, we took a Rhein River Cruise, getting on the boat right around Rüdesheim, and traveling up to Sankt Goar.

It was a windy, and a bit chilly day.  The sun was trying to come out, but there were a few dark clouds.

 There was a play area for kids- Seth decided to try it out!

Way up there is the Germania monument you saw earlier.

The train tracks follow alongside the river, and it is a very busy stretch!  Here is a train with double decker train cars, filled with brand new cars leaving the factory for delivery.

It seemed like every corner of the river has a castle on it!

The story behind this little tower is cool- it's called the Mouse Tower.

I caught this train as it was speeding by the Ehrenfels ruins.

Yep- the next town was called Assmannshausen.

Castle Rheinstein.

And another castle- with a campground next to it!  This is Reichenstein Castle.

Maddox enjoyed the play area.

You can see the other kids being naughty, and climbing up the part that they were not supposed to go on.  Mdx was mad that I wouldn't let her do it too. I told her that other people can break the rules, but we follow them.  I swear, I have plenty of pictures of other people's children being bad.

This was a cool shot- a church up close, and a church far away.

Castle Stahleck.

In the back is Gutefels Castle, which is now a hotel, and in the front is the Pfalzgrafstein Toll Station.

Up on the hill is Schönburg Castle- which is also a hotel.

 This tower is cool.

This is Lorelei cliff, which has a really interesting fairy tale written about it.

This is Castle Katz, which is the last one we saw before we got off the boat. Castle Maus is further down the river a little bit.

We disembarked, and took the train back to Rüdesheim, which was faster than taking the boat back.  It was a really great day!

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