Friday, December 27, 2013

Turning 3 and 6!

The months of August is Birthday month for our house!  Mav's comes first, so we had the house decorated for the whole month.

Birthday morning!

My three year old!

I'm this many.

He got some new shoes.

And new goalie gloves, and a new soccer goal!  He immediately wanted to go outside and play, and he did not want to put pants on to do it!

Later on he painted his birthday picture, which is now hanging in his room.

In between Maverick's and Maddox's birthdays, we had a combined party at our favorite Mexican restaurant, in the next village.

I had this cake made by a local place called Posh Party Cakes- it was AWESOME!

Waiting for our guests to arrive!

Here is Mav and his buddy Landen.

Mdx with a few of her friends. 

After eating they busted a pinata on the back patio.  The kids were hitting it really hard!

Maddox's birthday was toward the end of the month, after school had already started- she was so impatient, and didn't like that Mav's birthday was before hers!

She still got some pretty awesome gifts.

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