Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Notre Dame

One of the first places we headed after dropping off our stuff at the apartment, was the Cathedral of Notre Dame.  It was fairly easy to find, and already packed with tourists!

These stairs were set up outside, and a few other tents.  I don't know why, perhaps there was going to be an event there.

It was a hot, sunny day!  My parents decided to go and sit in the park behind the cathedral, while we went inside with the kids.

The detail on these buildings is just incredible.  You could stand there and stare for hours.

Inside it was noticably cooler, and stunning.

There was so much stained glass!

Probably one of the most famous stained glass windows- it shows Mary and the baby Jesus in the middle, surrounded by Saints and Prophets.

Maddox thought this miniature was cool.

We saw this lovely scene on our way out.

At first we didn't even notice the gargoyles, and then once you see one, you see them everywhere!

Afterwards we met up with my friend from college, who was spending the summer in Paris writing music.  It was great to see her!  We went and got some ice cream.

Maverick definitely liked it!

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