Thursday, December 26, 2013

Black Forest Camping

We went camping in August with my friend Olivia's family.  This was our first time camping with the kids.  We drove down into the Black Forest, to a campground on Lake Titisee that was recommended to me by a friend:  Wohnpark Weiherhof.  We found it okay after taking a little detour- but Olivia's GPS took her through France to get there!  Haha!  After poking fun at her for taking the "long way"....our own GPS decided to take us that way to get home.  Totally not cool, GPS- not cool at all.

This was the sign on the road.  Pretty easy to miss- considering the sign is on the right, and the campground is on the left!

We got to use some of the camping gear we've had all this time.  And I'll say this: we need a bigger tent.  This "4 person" tent- is definitely NOT.

We put the kids on opposite sides of the tent, and brought all their comfortable sleeping stuff.

Mellow and "Purple blanket" are a necessity.

I'm glad we had this screened tent to sit in, and avoid the bugs.

It was chilly in the mornings and evenings- and at night it was downright COLD.  Mav still insisted on wearing his shorts- with a fleece top.

We used this cool tripod grill that Olivia got off of German Amazon.


Every angle of the lake was beautiful!

This is the edge of the lake, right next to the campground.

We walked from the campground to the town, which took about 30 minutes.  Look at Adam's face!  Ha!  (He's the one with a kid on his shoulders).

Mav still fits (and prefers) the Beco.

For obvious reasons.

Along the edge of the lake and town is a beautiful garden.  There was a wedding going on.

You can take a boat tour around the lake, but we opted to have the guys take a paddle boat out instead.

You could rent one of these for a half-hour for around 10 Euro, I think.

There they go!  They came back with a little sunburn!

This lake and campground is highly recommended!

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