Saturday, December 14, 2013

Around Salzburg and Rodelbahn

Austrian flags over the river

Like so many other European cities, Salzburg has a river running through it.

This pole in the middle of a traffic circle had a knitted sock!

Here's a view from outside Salzburg, the other side of the Fortress.

This is an entrance to the Hellbrunn Castle, and gardens- where the glass gazebo is.

We drove around the countryside of Austria, and there were houses like this everywhere.  So beautiful!

Everyone else was exhausted and wanted to rest, so they sat in a Cafe, while I went into Mozart's house.  The Audio tour was really great!

Part of the Sound of Music tour involved riding a Rodelbahn!  There are many in these hilly areas- it is a metal track that you ride down on a sled (with wheels), and you can control your speed with the brake in the middle.

You get towed up the hill backwards.

It's hard to tell, but Dad was going really fast!

Looks like he's having fun!

In case your brakes don't work, they have this pillow thing to catch you!  Ha!

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