Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or Treat Smell My Feet

It took some doing, but Maddox eventually warmed up to the idea of wearing her elephant costume. She wore the body of it to a Birthday party a few weeks before, but wanted NOTHING to do with the head. She tried it on a few more times, and all I had to do was tell her "If you leave the head on you can have some candy!" and it worked! Bribery. Works. On. 2. Year. Olds.

Ready to go- but not time yet!
We'll just sit on the front step until it is time.

Now we practice saying "Trick or Treat!"

Looking for houses with people on the front porch to talk to. There were plenty!

It's getting dark and we are heading home, she starts to want the candy!

Checking out her loot back home, and eating a lollipop.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The wedding!

Our friends Paul and Danielle got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony down in Concord, NC. The Orchard House is just close enough to the highway, and just far enough in the country that it seems like a picture perfect wedding location.

They lit all the lanterns hanging from the trees, and the wedding was timed so that dusk was falling shortly after the ceremony.
After the ceremony we had appetizers and hot apple cider in the garden. I thought this little shed and red tree were really pretty. I was going to go peek in the windows, and my friend Kara said something like: "That is so something you would do". Is that bad? Two minutes later some other wedding guests were peeking in the windows, and I said "Look! Now I can't go and peek or I'll just look like a follower!" Hahahaha!
I was SO glad to see Mdx's godparents, the Beerys. They are in their internship year at two churches up in Boone, and it has been WAY too long since we've seen them. We are planning a long weekend trip to see them hopefully in the Spring. We had a great conversation reminiscing from their wedding, and discussing the most useless or useful items from a gift registry.
I also enjoyed catching up with Kara and Katie, but didn't get a picture of them. :( Kara is getting ready to move and be with her man in California, and Katie is looking for a Youth Ministry job in the Raleigh area. If you know of any, let me know!

There was a HUGE tent where there was dinner and dancing!
Really Really Really Good Food. I took this pic for Marshall. :)
Getting instructions on how to pose for the cake cutting.
The beautiful couple! Enjoy your honeymoon!

Fun stuff we've been doing

A few weeks ago we went to Maddox's friend D's First Birthday party. There were a lot of little kids and babies there and Mdx enjoyed herself very much!

Here is D pointing at his birthday cake. His Daddy is now deployed in Iraq working on the same Project Marshall has been working on.
They baked cake in ice cream cones, and iced them, which Mdx enjoyed eating!
Mdx got this really cute Halloween shirt in the mail from Marshall's Aunt and Uncle in Pittsburgh. It says "Trick or Treat" across the top, with Black cats down at the bottom. It's a little big, but will fit perfectly with the matching pants for Halloween next year. Thanks Doug and Terri!
We took a long weekend trip to Greensboro and Charlotte for a wedding and I took Mdx to the same Pumpkin Patch in Greensboro where my parents used to take us to pick out a pumpkin! (Centenary United Methodist, on Friendly Ave) They have a big blow up pumpkin, and Mdx talked to him for a good long while.
It was nice to see my friend Brandi who lives in downtown Greensboro. We walked to Fincastle Diner and ate dinner on their patio. She brought her pup Piper along.

They have good cookies, and we had exceptional service from a waiter named Breighann(j). I think there was a silent J at the end- either way, he was very funny.

We spent a great morning at the Greensboro Children's Museum, and will definitely be going back! We hoped to meet up with some Greensboro friends to play, but they were all either out of town or sick! Maybe next time.
Brushing the largest set of teeth I'm sure she's ever seen.
She's probably having flashbacks to Aunt Em's house.
They have a great grocery store. She's going for some yummy cheese.

Good thing I take care of shopping for groceries! She enjoyed this way too much!