Saturday, December 28, 2013

First day in Amsterdam

I wish I had taken more pictures of the apartment that we rented- it was great!  The location was outside of the city center area, but just a short tram ride away.  It had a great open living room where the kids could play, two bedrooms, and a huge bathroom.

Maddox made herself at home.

There was a beautiful balcony out back, with a view of the gardens in between the buildings.

The view out the front windows was of a busy street, and the tram stop was right across the street.

We hopped on the tram to head into town and take a canal cruise.

Maddox is quite comfortable on public transport now.

I bought the canal cruise tickets ahead of time, to save a few Euro (and time)- because one of the things I've learned traveling with children is that we need to save time where we can- and standing in line for tickets is WASTED TIME.  The kids are always excited for a boat ride.

Mav always has a car handy!

This building was close to the main train station in Amsterdam.

A three story bike parking deck!

There are so many amazing houseboats along the canals!

Some of the houseboats are available for rent to tourists!

Here is a houseboat, and some of the classic Amsterdam building styles.

I love those rooftops!

That's one way to do a garden.

It was a cool experience, and at times, peaceful.

This cow was on the dock, next to the canal cruise.  Maddox couldn't resist.

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