Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kinderdijk Windmills

Just wanted to throw this one in there- we saw bikes like this all over Amsterdam- and the buckets would carry a kid or two!  They seem like they'd be so heavy and hard to steer, but people were getting around just fine!

On our way out of Amsterdam

Of course, The Netherlands is famous for its windmills- which are used to pump the water back out to see, among other things.  On our way home we traveled from Amsterdam to a UNESCO World Heritage site, called Kinderdijk, which was maybe 1.5 hrs by car from Amsterdam.  The GPS led us astray, driving down a farm road into some fields, but we turned around and found the right place.

There was a short walk from the parking lot to the windmills.

It wasn't too cold, just windy.

Aren't they gorgeous?

There is one windmill that is open to go into.  They have it set up the way they traditionally were.  It was very loud inside!

This is the living/sleeping room.  The bed was tiny!

They block off the area close to the blades, but it was still scary (to me).

We stopped at a restaurant for lunch.  I understand Diverse on this sign, and that's about it!

We headed home after lunch- it was about a 5 hour drive back to our house, but an easy drive!

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