Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Louvre

We got to the Louvre right around lunchtime I think.  It was hot, and the kids were tired.  The plan was for Marshall to take the kids to the park that was next to the Louvre, while Mom, Dad, and I walked around inside.

There were TONS of people walking around, and standing around.  We couldn't even see where the entrance was, because there were so many lines.  So- Marshall and the kids took off, and we tried to figure out how or where to stand in line.

After seeing a line that looked a mile long, we gave up and decided to just walk around and see if we could find Marshall and the kids.  Then I remembered that a friend had told me there was an underground mall entrance, back behind this statue.  So, we headed down into the mall.

An Apple store under the Louvre?  Crazy!  And...we walked a little further, and found an entrance to the Louvre with NO LINE!  So, we walked right in.

Even with maps, there was just no way to know which direction we wanted to go, or what we wanted to see.  I knew I wanted to see the Mona Lisa, so we worked our way there.

I'm pretty sure my Dad said "I could make a lot of potato salad in that bowl!"

I only saw these from above, we never made it to this room.

The ceilings are amazing!

So impressive!

You never know what you are walking under.

I could tell when we were getting closer to the Mona Lisa, because it was getting more crowded!

We got into the room....and so did everyone else.  Look how small the painting is!

This is the best shot I got, without someone's head blocking the way.

One of the next rooms has an amazing ceiling- this is so much more impressive than that small painting of a mystery woman!

I loved the dark walls in this room.

We were exhausted from all the walking, so Mom and Dad sat in a restaurant in the mall while I went and did some window shopping.  Later we met up with Marshall and the kids and headed back to the apartment.  We've learned that with the kids we can only do 2 or 3 major things a day- there's just not enough time and energy to do more!

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