Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Zamek Grodziek

Before heading back to Germany, we visited Zamek Grodziec, which is a castle that dates back to 1155.  It was hosting a medieval festival that weekend.

This is the gate entry.  We walked up a long winding driveway to get here.  Supposedly this castle is on top of a long-extinct volcano.

Parts of the castle have been restored, and it's really beautiful!  There are guest rooms where you can stay for about $15/night!

Don't try to use this walkway!

You can see which are the newer stones, and which are original.

For such an old castle, it has been preserved well!

The view from the dining room table.

Some paintings on the wall.

The dining room.

Upstairs they have some displays of traditional Polish dress.

Very very old money!

They said this was a bedchamber, but it was huge, and I would imagine it was quite cold in the winter!

We climbed up a few stories, to the room of the castle, to see the view.

Survey your kingdom.

Just one beautiful corner of Poland!

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