Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Way Back Whenesday

I have no idea the correct spelling...Whensday, Whenesday- not like it matters since we are butchering the word either way.  I had to switch to using Vimeo to upload videos because youtube has some strange block on uploads from Korea, and even with the IP hider it isn't working.  Then I tried Blogger's uploader, which after 2 hours wasn't done.  Vimeo still took 45 minutes to upload this one video- but at least it worked.  We must have a really slow internet connection here.  We are going to contact our realtor about that this week and even if we have to pay extra, we need a faster connection.

I digress:  Today's edition is Early December 2009.

Tickling was one of Maddox and Daddy's favorite games.

Pretending to change baby's diaper.

We took a trip down to Raleigh to visit Grandma and Grandpa. 
 Maddox and Carla got in some coloring.

Marshall helped Mike put out the Christmas inflatables
....all 50 of them (it seemed!)
Here I think they were running power cords through the trees.

Quality control- she's letting us know this one is falling over.

This one was Mdx's favorite because it plays music!

Look Grandpa!  It's snowing!

A trip to Raleigh isn't complete without a trip to see Peter and Marisa at Pizza Italia for meatballs!

Have microphone (and captive audience) WILL SING!!

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