Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Making Christmas cookies

Since we missed the cookie day back home in the States, Maddox and I decided to make some Gingerbread cookies for Marshall to take to work and share with his friends.  I found a great recipe online, but once I looked at how many of the ingredients I was going to have to buy, I decided that a mix might be better.  However- one time I tried to make sugar cookies with a mix and they turned out awful. So, I made sure that it said on the package that they could be rolled out and cut- and it did!  Betty Crocker saved the day once again!  They smelled and tasted delicious too!

Alas, it started with a little pouting because I wouldn't let her stick her fingers in the softened butter.  I'm just no fun.

Smiles quickly returned when the dough was all mixed and we began to roll it out!  Don't worry, the table has a glass top that we floured.

We used some of the cookie cutters that Carla sent us.  Mdx's favorite part was peeling off the part we weren't going to cook and rolling it into a ball.

We should have used the small cookie cutters, because the cookies blew up a lot and became huge!

Next was the icing and decorating.  I think Mdx ate more sprinkles than actually went on cookies.

Posing with the finished product in front of our tree!

They are all gone, we'll have to make more for Santa!

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Em said...

I love the pictures! Super cute - even the pouty one. Lots of love!