Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Way Back Whenesday- Christmas 09 AND 07

Back in Virginia from our cookie making trip to NC, Maddox got a Big Bird for Christmas!  This is one of the only good pictures I got of her getting presents from us last year.

We spent Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning in Gboro.  Here Mdx is checking out what Santa left for her.  A shopping cart, puzzles, baby doll, stamps, play food, and more!

The first thing she played with was the play food!

After a breakfast picnic on the floor it was time to sit in the dining room and open presents.

Daddy helped her.

Later in the day we went to Raleigh to see Marshall's family.  Mike and Carla gave Mdx a fun play tent that she immediately wanted to play with.

She also got a fun tool belt and toolbox.

AND- she also got a kitchen!

Now, to take it WAY Christmas 2007!  Marshall had just returned from Korea, and we were celebrating our first family Christmas in our house on 11th St.
It's so funny how Maverick is RIGHT NOW at the same stage Mdx was in this video.  We'll have to take videos of him this Christmas to compare.

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