Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Christmas decorations

When I was packing for our Korea shipment months and months ago, I OBVIOUSLY forgot that we would have things like holidays here.  I didn't pack any Christmas decorations (even though we have about 4 tubs of them), no Christmas stockings, no Christmas movies....nothing.  I also seem to have left most of my Christmas cheer in the house on Harbor we are doing something called "Fake it 'til you make it" this year, and hope no one notices.  Since I decorated, I feel a little bit more cheerful every day though!

I got some Korean plug Christmas lights at Emart, and used pushpins to hang them around the living room.  It looks festive, and tiny bit reminiscent of a movie theater.

This is a 3 foot fiber optic tree that Marshall picked up while he was home in the States.  It is not nearly as tacky as I thought it would look, but the branches aren't strong enough to hold a lot of the ornaments he brought back.  We have a few on the tree now and will have to save the rest for next year.  Thanks for the ornaments Grandma Mac, Carla, Jennie, and Aunt Marcia!  No, the base is certainly not a plastic tub covered with a tablecloth.

Next to the tree is a bookshelf with a Trader Joe's Advent calendar that Carla sent- Maddox loves it!   In the evening before bed we open the little door and see what the yummy chocolate surprise is.

This is a Scottish Santa that I found at the BX.  Perfect for our McFamily- with the best kind of bagpipes- the silent ones.  And a cloth napkin works well as a decorative cloth!

Next to the sofa is another bookcase with a kitchen towel on top, and an Angel.

The name of this Angel is "Blessed are the Faithful" and I liked her because the church she is holding has a red door.  It also reminds me a little of St. Paul's Lutheran in Wilmington.

Next to the TV is an Irish Santa.  I'm sure it's just clover he's smoking in that pipe.

On the other side, the Angel of Peace.

Besides a few fun Kitchen towels and a Poinsetta that's about it!  Just enough to remind us it is Christmas around here, without breaking the bank.


Marshall McIntyre said...

I remember thinking about asking if you wanted me to put some of the Christmas decorations and then I remembered all the pain and agony from setting up said decorations. So I decided not to ask you about them. So, I guess it is really MY fault for you not feeling the Joy of Christmas... Sorry.

Marshall McIntyre said...

Oh yeah, and Im the reason that you came to Korea... Double fail