Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Target Tuesday

This Christmas we won't be seeing most (any?) of you around the holidays, which I am not going to think about right now.  We've already bought a few gifts ahead of time and left them back home (gifts for Taylor Anne and Anderson), sent a few gifts home with Marshall during this last visit, and will be shipping other gifts from Korea....or from Amazon.  :)

Mom and I did some shopping for Maddox and Maverick during the Toys & Co 20% off sale back in October, got the gifts wrapped, and sent them parcel post here to Korea about 2 weeks before we left.  I am glad to report that the packages JUST arrived!  So- take note- don't send anything here parcel post unless you want it to take 1.5 months to arrive!  Ha!  I definitely learned that priority is the only way to send packages around here.

I don't want ANYONE to stress out about sending/giving us gifts this holiday season, but I know that many people have said that they want to.  So, to make things easier for those people, I created a Targetlist of gift ideas for the kids.  Under each item it says if it is for Mdx or Mav.  I made sure the things on the list could ship to an APO address, and already entered the address in the shipping field.  PLEASE don't feel obligated to get them anything just because I made this list.  If you'd rather buy things and ship them yourself (more power to ya!  Haha!), message me and I can send you our address, but keep in mind they have to be sent priority or we'll be getting them in February.  If you'd rather send money and have me go to the BX here and buy them gifts, I can do that as well.

With all that said- truly the kids are pretty young and won't remember down the road who did and didn't send them Christmas presents while they were in Korea.  At least I've done my Momly/Granddaughterly/Niecely duty by providing a Christmas list.  :)

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