Monday, December 20, 2010

Maddox Monday

Maddox and Marshall went out with his friend J for dinner at a place that is just called "Meat Restaurant".  There will be a whole different post on this place, but here I would just like everyone to see that my child knows how to act in a restaurant.  Because it certainly seems to be a dying art form....judging by what we see with some other families.

She is mid-song in this picture.  We get a lot of singing and dancing!

I brought a preschool workbook that she is just tearing through!  Truthfully, the stuff in there seems a little too easy: shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and a lot of tracing.  But she loves doing it and asks me to read her the "Structions".  

We got a fun package from Mdx's godparents Michael and Lisa- who you can read about over here at Beery Busyness.  Maddox immediately grabbed the Christmas card and....

....put it on the fridge!  

Then she got down to business coloring in her new books.  She LOVES coloring.

She also loves being a big sister and holding Maverick.  He's not so sure about her though.

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