Monday, December 6, 2010

Maddox Monday

Hi Grandpa! We found this at the Post Office!

 This was Maddox's first reward chart.  It worked pretty well, but we were running out of space and Halloween stickers.  So....

I got this reward chart!  Since it uses magnets and dry erase markers it is easier to keep up with.  Mdx is earning rewards almost every day and loves it!

First Korean snow...this was actually in November.

On a walk with her new penguin hat on.  She kept saying "It's a great day for a penguin hat!"

Carrying her kitty "Mellow" like Mama carries Mav.  So cute!


Marshall McIntyre said...

Maddox got to carry Mellow downtown like that also. Everyone loved the penguin hat!

Em said...

Awesome chart and I love the way she carries Mellow.

Marshall McIntyre said...

Em, incase you were wondering: Co-Yong-ie = Cat in Korean.. Also Dock=chicken.