Friday, December 31, 2010

It was a Merry Christmas!!

Living overseas from all our family and friends, I'm just trying to let everyone know what is going on with us!  I may overshare at times, I may undershare at times....but I hope that even if you aren't a family member or (yet!) a friend, you'll get to know me and my family by reading my blog.  :)  I try to post different things than I post on my facebook page, where I can't really tell stories.  It also keeps me from having to tell the same story 5 different times when I talk to people.  Okay- on to our Christmas Day!

Our tiny Christmas tree was dwarfed by Christmas gifts!  There weren't even that many, it just looks like a lot because the tree was so small!  Ha!  Maddox woke up around her normal time- about 6:30am.  She was ready to see if Santa came.

We left Reindeer food (granola with red and green sprinkles) in the shoe room for Santa's reindeer, and she opened the door and said "Mama, the reindeer made a BIG MESS!".  

Maverick loved his activity center!  He can play in it for about 10 minutes at a time before he gets too tired and needs to be picked up.  

He put on his new Steeler's onesie to help open presents.

Maddox got a "Children of the World" floor puzzle.  The theme of her new bedroom (once we get to Germany) is going to be similar to "It's a Small World"- this puzzle will be perfect!  

This is cooler from Baskin Robbins that our Christmas cake came in.  They sell so many of them that they were stacked up outside the store on the sidewalk.

This is the cake we chose- it is hard to see, but it is shaped like a Christmas tree.  It was light green, and we didn't know what flavor it was.   It ended up to be something like pistachio and almond flavored, not what we thought it would be, but it was good!!

And yes, she liked it!

Mdx also got this super-cool tutu/skirt!  She is the perfect age for this, especially with her love of singing and dancing.  It is reversible and can either have the purple or turquoise on the top.  

We got ready to go to Nonja's house for Christmas dinner.  Mdx put on her dancing dress that Santa gave her, and her doll baby got the matching dress.

At Nonja's:  It's just not Christmas unless bows get put on the baby's head!  Mav was a good sport.

We enjoyed the evening with Nonnie and her family.  They are soon PCSing to Italy and we won't see them again until we are in Europe next Fall.  It was so nice to have them here, and share the holidays with them.  Something every military wife discovers: When you don't have family, friends become your family.  Who knows who we will be spending next Christmas at Ramstein with!!

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