Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some Etsy fun

Etsy is a website where I can easily waste an hour or 5.  The basic premise is that people have a place to display and sell their handmade and vintage items.  Although I'll probably never give up my beloved Target or Amazon, I really do think it is important to support independent sellers, and small businesses as well.  One of my favorite things to do on Etsy is to hit the "Pounce" button over and over to see what has recently sold.  Then I check out what is still left in the sellers shop.  You can also opt to see new listings from people who haven't had a sale yet- but I don't find as many things that I like that way.  There is a cool option called "Alchemy" where you can list something specific that you want made, and people will respond with their bid of how much they would charge to make it for you.  Etsy allows you to save a list of your favorite items, and favorite sellers so that you can go back and find things you like very easily.  Here are just a few things that make me wish I had a million Etsy dollars!!

Pinatas T shirt (which I would NOT give to Marshall-haha!)

Cookies n' Milk soap- kinda funny because the soap is vegan, yet portrays milk.  Hmmm.

Words of Wisdom- I really like this, but not for $110.

Peace on Earth - this is just as cool for $10.

Meat is Murder- I really think someone needs this for Christmas next year.

2011 Calendar- I really like this a lot!

You should try "pouncing" and see what you can find!!


Dorothy said...

I spend way too much time and money on Etsy. Esp recently. I've been on an indie sewing pattern kick. I just bought a plushie elephant pattern I probably shouldn't have but was WAY too cute.

Melanie Jordan said...

Love the cutting board! Too Funny!!