Thursday, December 23, 2010

My "Everydays"

Places I go, that you don't know:

This is the best website we have found so far for weather forecasts for South Korea.  Just enter Osan AB, South Korea into the search box.  Now if I could just learn how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit without going online!

Clark's CaringBridge
My friend Clark, a fellow former member of the Durham and Raleigh Symphonies, has leukemia.  This website is where he has kept his online journal, and let everyone have a front row seat to his battle with mortality.  His candor is touching, and tragic.

Red Room
I like to read, and like to write, and like to read about writing.  This is where I do just that.

PicClick- no visual- sorry!  This is the "google" of internet shopping in my opinion.  You can search by keyword, phrase, etc and everything that the search engine returns has a picture and price so you can see instantly if you are interested in it or not.

PhD in Parenting

This is a blog that has so many interesting topics to read regarding parenting choices.  Since I spent a significant percentage of every day wondering what the heck I'm doing, I enjoy reading other people's educated perspectives.

Nutrition Data
Have you ever wanted to know the nutritional data of green peas?  Well I have!  I started looking at this website pretty frequently when I was pregnant and trying to eat 80g protein a day.  I think it is pretty easy to use and has even more information than I'd ever need.

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