Thursday, December 9, 2010

Around town

This is how we normally travel:  Maverick on front in Beco.  Backpack on back filled with necessities.  Walking almost everywhere. 

 They like their trees *straight* here.  To ensure that, they use wooden poles to tie them up in some interesting configurations.  This is on base.

Base stop sign.

Entrance to Osan American Elementary School.

We found a bakery called "Heavenly Bread Company" and IT IS!  If you know me, you know I have a bread problem, I love yeasty, crusty, sweet, white, wheat, (I'm not a loafist when it comes to bread!) I'm so happy to have a good bakery!  Here is their bag:

I got something that looked like crumb cake with creme filling in the middle.  Surprisingly, what looks like jam is actually red bean paste (and tastes like beans- NOT sweet), and the green is PEA PASTE.  Not what I would put in a crumb cake, but hey...I'm glad I tried it!  :)

Maddox brought this home from school.  They took her class outside to the garden behind the school and let the kids pick them!  It is some type of radish, I believe the Koreans call it a Daikon (?).  I googled recipes to find out what I could make with it besides kimchi, and found a few soups and salads.  I ended up roasting it- it was okay!  It didn't have much flavor.

Ah- coffee.  Here is a bag full of instant coffee packets, complete with powdered cream and sugar.  There is a packet down at the bottom of the picture.  You put it in your cup, fill your cup with water, and then stir with the empty plastic packet.  Most people drink instant coffee here, and we are getting used to it.

This is a food vendor downtown.  They are about every 30 feet in the pedestrian shopping area.  Maddox LOVES the fried "chicken nuggets" that come in a little cup and are served with giant toothpicks to eat them.  They are quite tasty!

On my solo trip to E-mart- this is the rice cooker section.  2 rows of them!!  Many costing over $200!

This just made me laugh.  There is a whole outdoor line of clothes, shoes, etc...called The Redface.  Kind of like our "North Face"...but not.  :)


Marshall McIntyre said...

I don't like creamer or sugar in my coffee, but those little packets are so damned convenient! The Korean love the way you carry Mav around and they always treat us better when we have the kids (they don't treat us bad when we don't have them).

Em said...

I haven't tried the instant coffee you sent me yet, but I'm interested to see what it's like. The "Redface" gear is really funny! Is it pricey? I'm glad to hear that Maddox has found some food she likes there! The chicken sounds yummy!

Melanie Jordan said...

Mary, thank you so much for posting so many pics of everyday Korean stuff, but so different from what we're used neat! Redface! I chuckled on that one! I hope you all are settling in! Merry Christmas! Love you!