Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A trip to remember!

I met a great lady named Anna here at Zumba class, and we became friends.  We enjoy hanging out together, and our husbands get along (this is important!), and maybe most importantly- our kids get along!  She has been here a few years already, so when she suggested taking a trip to Disneyland Paris together, I jumped at the chance!  For my first trip out of the country it would be a lot easier with someone already familiar with the area.  Marshall couldn't get any time off work because they are very busy right now, and Anna's husband couldn't either- so we planned a trip with just the Moms and kids.

We left bright dark and early at 4:30 on a Wednesday morning to start the drive to Paris.  We timed it so we'd get to the hotel, park the cars, and catch the shuttle bus to the park.  The drive was around 4 hours, and we stopped twice for bathroom breaks.  With 4 kids I think that is expected!  We had to pay around €35 in tolls, which wasn't bad.  I used almost a full tank of gas getting there, and had to gas up on the way home on Friday- and since France doesn't use the Esso cards that we can use to get gas off base at the subsidized price, that meant a tank of gas cost me €90!!!  WOW!  I'm not going to complain about $4.00/gal gas when the Europeans are paying much more!

Here is Anna's son A (not my kid, I'm not putting his name on here).  He's a character, and Mdx's best buddy.  This is on the shuttle bus to the park.

Anna's other son S tolerates the youngsters very well!
Carseat bed head is really attractive.  Mdx was very excited!
Maverick was having no-stop-looking-at-me-don't-take-my-picture kind of morning.  Which was totally my fault for dragging him out of bed at 4:15am.  But it was worth it.

Can you tell which kids are used to posing for pictures?
Main Street.  The first day we were there was pretty nice, it was probably in the low 60s, sunny and a little cold when the wind was blowing.  The second day was rainy and in the high 40s- we froze!!
Sleeping Beauty's castle
Swiss Family Robinson's tree house
This was a boat ride that went pretty slow, and the train you see is from the little kids' favorite ride- Casey Jr.'s Circus Train.  Maverick loved it, and it went pretty fast!
There were ducks in almost every water ride.
Mdx and A looking abnormally good.
Mdx and A looking normal.

More to come......

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