Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Train ride, and the Castle!

Me and Mr. Handsome!  :)  Must. Cut. The Hairs.
We saw this little yellow train driving around town, giving a tour.
So, we got some tickets!  There was a coupon for a free glass of wine afterward- SCORE!
We've come a long way from Tweetsie Railroad, baby!
Amazing views.  This looks fake to me!
Vineyards right behind the church.
After the train ride we headed up the hill to the castle.  There were some great railings along the way.
Here is a closer look at the mural.
Nice view!
This looks like Kermit to me, but they said he's a lion wearing armor.  I wonder if Jim Henson ever came here?
Stained glass everywhere!
Here is the watchtower.

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K. Davis said...

i SO miss Europe!!!! Enjoy it for me friend! Oh, and I SO took a similar picture like that window one, while I was there ;)