Monday, April 9, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Easter decorations around the house!
The Osterhase (Easter Bunny) brought these to Mdx's Kindergarten for the children.
 Mdx made this flower, vase, and egg.
 This little chick reminds me of the screens you put over food outside to keep the bugs from getting on it!  And the doily-thingie is from an Easter market in Kottweiler.
This is from the Easter Market in Cochem.
 Once again, a table runner on the tv stand.
 Easter books!
 These are like paper lanterns, but are shaped like Eggs.  So cute!  They are from Thomas Philipps, which is like a Big Lots (if you know what that is).
 This vase was cute, I just used it as a bookend.
 This little bunny family came in a package from Grammy and Gramps!
That's about it!  I can't decide if I'm bummed or relieved that there aren't really any more holidays to decorate for until July 4th.  That gives me plenty of time for Spring Cleaning!


adrienne_sakura said...

you could do just general summery decorations.
or what about mother's day. you need big banners that say 'my mom is awesome' or '#1 mom' everywhere. ;)

Emily Cole said...

Yeah - "Super Mom" awards in frames and stuff. I think your house is SO cute! All of your decorating makes me wish I had time and a cute house to decorate! (I'm not of the opinion that this house is very cute!) The party looks like it was fun also! Cute little friends - are they German friends or AF friends?