Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Disneyland Paris!

Just like Disney World (and probably Disneyland too) in the States, they have a Magic Music Days program at Disneyland Paris, where schools groups can come and perform in the park.  This was a Russian Dance group performing during lunch.
The kids were totally into it!
I took S on the Haunted Mansion ride, and Anna took the littles on the Steamboat ride.
We got out of the ride just in time to see the Steamboat pull up!
There they are!  Hi Guys!
Sharing cotton candy.
We went to MGM Studios (right next door) and Mdx got to meet Minnie Mouse!  There was going to be a major meltdown if this didn't happen.  But what cracks me up is all the little kids collecting autographs...
Park food was not too expensive, but pretty much the same thing everywhere.  Hot dogs, chicken nuggets or fries.  That's about it.
Mdx wanted Gramps to see this car.

Still more to come!

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