Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bunnies on the lawn

I'm blogging this particular picture before I post the rest of the Easter Egg Hunt pictures, because I want to get it on Pinterest, in case anyone wants to make it for Easter!  I did a search, and didn't find any of this recipe yet.  I am a Pinterest fan, but I often wonder how many things I'll ever make off of there.  Martha Stewart I am NOT.  Sandra Lee (from Semi-Homemade) MAYBE....but she changes her curtains for every season, so nah.

This particular dish has a funny back story- my high school boyfriend's Mother actually made it one Easter, when I went over to their house!  She was always great about decorating for the different holidays, and I loved going over there to see what was new.  I've always remembered her serving this, and now I've made it!  But it's definitely NOT my recipe or original idea.  :)  You can find recipes for it all over the internet.

Here you have:  Bunnies On The Lawn

*Use a glass Pyrex dish, it looks better than metal

-Lime jello (for 9x13 pan, use 1 box, for larger pans use 2 boxes)
-Canned pear halves
-Sliced Almonds for the ears
-Mini Chocolate chips or raisins for the eyes
-Canned Whipped Cream for the fluffy white tail

I think this is pretty self explanatory, so I won't bore you with instructions.  But, a few tips:

*You make the jello first, then put everything on top, after it has set.
*The pears will slide around on top of the jello, so be careful!
*If your fridge isn't level like mine, you may end up will "Bunnies on the hill", which is also cute!
*Don't add the whipped cream until right before you want to serve it, otherwise it will slowly melt away.


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