Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inside, and the Medieval Dinner

Some of the pics from inside the Castle are pretty dark, because I haven't yet figured out how to take a good picture when there isn't enough light.  But, I think you'll get the general idea.  :)

The ceilings are beautiful!  They remind me of the temple ceilings in Korea.
The Tiger Never Sleeps.
This is the tile on the dining room fireplace.  It has scenes from the Bible.
Closer view of the tiles.
In contrast to the Bible tiles was this strange creature hanging in the hallway.   Kind of like an antlered mermaid, you were supposed to rub her belly and make a wish.  I didn't.
 This huge coat of armor actually belonged to some who was THAT BIG!
 She's pledging allegiance.
 At the Medieval Dinner there were lots of really cool activities.  They had us wash our hands in big buckets, and then dry them on big cloaks hanging from the serving boys.  They also put a bit on snuff on everyone's hand and told us to sniff it.  Marshall actually did, and it was pretty funny!
There was music, wine, bread and lard, more wine, more music, and a few contests like sawing a log in half.  While we were there I found these old pennies in my wallet.  On the left is the one from The Alamo, which we got the day after we got married.  The middle one is from the Aquarium in North Carolina, which we got last year.  And the new one on the right is from Cochem Castle!
 Dinner!  HUGE turkey legs, and bread!  It was really good!

The bus ride home was interesting, surrounded by people who had definitely had too much Riesling!  But, I highly recommend making the trip if you get the chance!

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