Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Every kid needs to have an Easter Egg hunt for Easter, right?  We decided to host one, since we have such a nice garden at this house, with tons of perfect nooks and crannies in which to hide eggs.  I (of course) got excited and started planning decorations before I had even invited anyone!  We invited just a handful of people (heck, we only know a handful of people), but I imagine next year this will be a bigger deal!  I even called my Father in law for some Egg Hunt advice, since he hosts one for all the neighborhood children at his house every year.  It's like the White House Easter Egg Roll, except their house is tan, and they aren't rolling eggs, and he isn't the President- but anyway....

I made a few of these pennant banners once I finally (thank you Genevieve!) got my hands on some bias tape!  Note to self- buy tons of bias tape next time I'm home.
We hung the egg Mdx made at Kindergarten.
Yes, that is a Peep topiary.
This was a Pinterest idea gone terribly wrong.  Many bad words were said, and many innocent marshmellow birds were impaled (and in the end glued) in the making of this blasted thing.  But it's pretty.  Can't say I'd do it again.

Bunnies on the lawn- see my previous post!  Some smarty pants commented that they looked like mice- yes I realize that, but what is your suggestion to fix that?  Hmmm??  Exactly.  Don't criticize unless you have a better idea.  Or better yet, don't criticize at all.  So there, pinterest bully.
As if there wasn't enough sugar involved- you've GOT to have some Capri-Sonne!
Germany has these cute Easter plates all over the place.  They are laminated cardboard, so I got ten different pictures.  After the party I wiped them off, and you'll be seeing them again next year!
The Dads went out to hide the eggs.  Or drink beer.  Or both.  The eggs hanging in the trees and bushes were just decorations and didn't have candy in them.
Some of our guests!
Mdx and her best buddy!  He should have put his glasses on for the egg hunt!  :)
I think there are more in here!
Mav didn't care about the eggs, and he kept giving them to pretty girls.

It really wasn't too much work, and it was totally worth it!  Let's make it an Annual event!

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i like your topeepary. ;D