Thursday, April 12, 2012

German family members

Marshall's Grandma Mac was originally a Schlueter before she married a McIntyre.  She still has some Schlueter relatives who still live in Germany, and they keep in touch.  It's actually a complicated story of how they are all related (as many immigrant stories are), it involves step-family, cousins, you'll just have to believe me when I say that they are "extended" family.   When they heard we had moved to Germany, we got in contact, and found out that they live only a little more than an hour away from us!  They invited us up for lunch a few weekends ago, and it was so lovely!

This is Gertrud and Klaus.  They welcomed us to their beautiful (and huge!) home, and told us many awesome stories about the family.  Klaus has an amazing hand-drawn family tree, done as only an engineer could do.  They both speak great English, and are taking a trip to the States soon!

 The beautiful table set for tea, after we played outside for awhile!

 This is Lukas, Klaus and Gertrud's Grandson.  He doesn't speak English (yet!), but he still enjoyed playing with Mdx.

 This beauty is Hannah, their granddaughter.  She's even prettier than the Gerber baby!

 Here is Bernhard (Andrea's husband), Andrea (K&G's daughter), and Marius (K&G's son, and our main contact with the family).

It was a wonderful visit- I felt like we had known them forever!  We hope to host them next time at our house, maybe after their trip to America.

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