Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Thanksgiving in Germany

We feel very fortunate to already know a few families here in Germany, from previous duty stations.  One family in particular has known Marshall since his first tour in Korea.  Emily and Jarad invited us to their house for Thanksgiving, and we happily accepted!  Last Thanksgiving Marshall had flown home from Korea after his grandfather passed away, and the children and I ate at the Officer's Club.  It was nice to be in a home this year, and not at a buffet!

Maddox put on her party outfit and was really excited to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

It doesn't feel like Thanksgiving if I don't get to watch a little of the parade.

The boys stayed outside to fry the turkey.  It ended up taking much longer than it should have because the automatic timer on the fryer kept turning off after 15 minutes.  Mav fell asleep.

Emily didn't realize that her 22 pound turkey wouldn't fit in the fryer, so she had to do some butchering!  Then when she put the main part of the body on the part that holds it, it wouldn't stay put, so she rigged it with toothpicks.  It worked!

Their house has four flights of stairs.  Maverick is pretty good at going up, not so good at going down.

The fried turkey was delicious!

Mama and Mav.  

Maybe we will host next year!

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