Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Germany style

We received quite a few packages in the days leading up to Christmas, and I don't normally scrutinize the customs forms, however- for some reason this particular one caught my eye.  A 6 lb 50 oz coloring book!??  WOW!  Haha!  This was from Mdx's Godparents- Michael and Lisa, who live up in Minnesota, and are Lutheran Pastors (woot!  I've been looking forward to typing that- finally!).  I think it was so cold that it froze Lisa's brain for just a minute or so.  :)

This was an awesome package from my childhood pen-pal Andrea, who is German and lives up in Northern Germany with her family.  We are planning a trip to visit her in a few months!  She also sent some really cute gifts for the kids.

Wow!  Chocolate cigars?

Mdx wanted to color Santa a rainbow instead of writing him a letter, and by this point I really didn't feel like arguing- so the old guy got a rainbow.  We left him some homemade cookies, milk, and whiskey in a glass Marshall inherited from his Grandpa Mac.

We also left some reindeer food (oatmeal and sprinkles) outside- because you don't want the reindeer to come into your house!

Santa left some great things for Mav!  A taxi, lawnmower, wooden music set, dump truck, and box to keep his cars in.

Mdx was equally spoiled with an easel, a scooter & helmet, paintbrushes, paper, a play laptop, and a shopping basket.

Thanks to all those packages we got- our tree was packed with love from friends and family!

Christmas morning the kids slept until a decent time...close to 7.  We headed downstairs to see if Santa came.  Here is where the pictures get blurry because the kids were moving SO FAST!

Mav jumped in his taxi right away!  Major hit!

Then he vaulted onto the couch to see what was up there.....

...rocked out on the xylophone for a few minutes....

...then jumped down to do some work on the lawnmower.

Mdx is showing me the wooden ladybugs that she found on her easel tray.

She could barely wait for the sun to come up so she could ride her scooter!

Which we did as soon as socially acceptable!

There was some taxi driving too!  Truthfully, Mav wants to ride the scooter, but someone's a little possessive of it.  He'll get a turn, maybe in 2013.

That night we lit the fifth candle of our dried-out-and-crispy Advent wreath.  I also made way too much food, and even had to call my Dad in America to ask what to do about all the juice in the ham.  He's so smart!

Christmas was great!  We spent so much time focusing on the kids and cleaning/cooking/assembling/playing that we weren't as homesick as we were last year in Korea.  Maybe it will get easier as time goes on and we can develop our own traditions.  To all our friends and family, we LOVE you, we miss you, and thank you so much for everything you've done for us and sent to us.  We are truly blessed. 

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