Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's make those lists!

Well, what do you know?  It's that time again.....the time when people everywhere make bold proclamations about their intentions for the coming year.  Or they don't.  I admit, in the past, I've been hesitant to make resolutions, because I just plain forget about them after a while.  However, in this age of blogging, facebook, and instant communication- I think if I put my resolutions "out there"...maybe they'll haunt me a little more this year and I'll work a little harder to make them a reality instead of just a resolution.

People have many different reasons for not wanting to make resolutions.  I think it takes a kind of inner searching that some people just aren't comfortable doing.  When we sit and take the time to reflect upon ourselves and what we want to change- well it can be downright depressing.  As long as I don't think about my weight, it doesn't bother me.  As long as I don't think about my problem with procrastination....well, I'll think about that tomorrow.

Or, conversely, you may be pretty darn happy with the way things are, and see no reason to make a list or rock the boat.  My relationship is great, my house is clean and organized, my kids and smart and beautiful- what do I need to change?  {you have to know I am being facetious here.....}

I think that both of these views have their own merits, yet both of these types of people could benefit from a resolution list.  When someone feels that their life is so far from what they want it to be, that making changes is pointless- I certainly hope that they will realize that every journey starts with one small step.  All you have to do is choose your direction- and the choice is YOURS and yours alone.  So use your list to not even move- just point yourself in the way you want to go, and tomorrow decide to move an inch.  The next day move two inches, and the next day three.

If your life is wonderful (and damn, I'm jealous!), then GREAT!  Use your resolution list in a different fashion- maybe add something on your list that benefits someone else, besides yourself.  Or make a resolution to learn more about something that interests you- because no one knows everything about everything, and education never ends no matter your age.

The most dangerous type of thinking when it comes to New Year's Resolutions is this: "Well, I'll just fail at doing anything, and then feel like a failure, so what's the point!?".  This is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You said you would fail, so you did.  Here's the point- the only people who are failures and PEOPLE WHO DON'T TRY.  If you never try to change your life, how do you know you can't?  There is not one person on this planet who can't make some kind of positive change in their life.  Maybe your list will only have one thing on it, but that is better than nothing at all.

So, think about it.  Tomorrow I'm posting my 2012 New Year's Resolutions.  Not for comparison or scrutinization, but merely for my own memory and accountability.  2011 was a pretty awesome year for me, but I know 2012 can be better.  Now, with that- go jot down a few things and we can BOTH show 2012 which direction to take!

*if you are feeling brave, add your list or a link to your list in my comments- just for fun!*

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