Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Riding the school bus

During Maddox's last week of school we moved into the World Hotel, which is not far from the Main Gate of Osan.  However, it is the opposite direction of where we used to live, making the walk to school around .75/mile.  Since it was still sweltering hot and muggy in late August, I decided to let Mdx ride the school bus home in the afternoons.  She was SOooooooo excited, because after the School Bus Scare of 2010  (she got on the bus when I was supposed to pick her up) I told her never never never never never never to get on that Korean school bus ever again- oops!  Mama changed her mind!

Maverick and Daddy waiting on Songtan's main street.  I could see them from our hotel room, so I snapped some pictures.

The bus pulling in, and the teacher throwing open the door.  One teacher always rode on the bus with the kids.

She jumps out and lowers Mdx out of the bus.

It's hard to see, but Mdx is overjoyed in this picture!

Mdx had to say goodbye to her sweet Teacher (Seon-Saeng-Nim).  Goodbye Global Kids, we will miss you very much!  

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