Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's beginning to...

..look a lot like Christmas!

Steeler's Christmas train.

This old radio used to belong to my parents.  On the left is a Korean nativity, given to me by the Osan Enlisted Spouses club when I left.

Scottish Santa is playing the bagpipes.

Irish Santa, and an Amaryllis that has since bloomed!

We have a great basket full of Christmas books.

I used some cloth from Korea to cover the side table.

I love this "Peace" print.  It might stay up all year.

Advent wreath!  This was taken when only one candle was lit, now there are two!

Maddox has a Kinderegg Advent Calendar.  Kinderegg's are hollow chocolate eggs with a toy inside.

We've got a star in the playroom window.

Now we just need a tree!

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adrienne_sakura said...

paul is obsessed with kindereggs. he will be super jealous of maddox's advent calender when he sees this post. haha.