Thursday, December 15, 2011


We ordered pizza from a place in our neighboring village- it's an Italian restaurant run by Indians.  (Sigh!).  When I went to Korea to visit Marshall the first time he was there, we had Japanese sushi in Korea made by a Russian- and it was delicious!  Now we have come all the way to Germany, to have Italian food made by an Indian.  SIGH!  I love this small world, but I sure hope that we never lose the authenticity of our cultures!

That's a mighty happy looking box!

Mav REALLY reminds me of my FIL here- don't touch my pizza!  Yes, that is Marshall's ginormous pizza- family sized, so about 12''x18''!

Sometimes, you just get so tired that the Korean blanket blanket makes you pass out.  Those blankets are soooooo soft!

Playing with Daddy after he got home one day.  Where is Daddy?

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Tiff said...

Well, the trend here seems to be that Hispanic/Mexicans are the chefs at the Japanese Steakhouse...

At first I thought the box top was a mural on the restaurant wall!
What all is on that football field sized pizza?!?!