Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mav's first haircut

It was time.  It was beyond time.  If you saw the pigtail picture I posted on facebook, well- can you blame me?  Mav's mullet was out of control, so I finally took him to the barber shop.  I was worried about him sitting in the chair, or not letting them cut his hair at all- but he was an ANGEL!  Besides giving the lady the stink-eye, he did amazingly well!

Little buddy- waiting his turn.

This chair is pretty fun!

He's watching carefully in the mirror.

Mdx was there for moral support.

What's the big deal?

He got a little annoyed she sprayed his head with water.

Back at home- the finished product!

He looks so grown up!

Now watch me roll on the floor!  Woohoo!

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