Monday, December 5, 2011

First Halloween in Germany

I know, I know.  Halloween was a long time ago, and was even before Thanksgiving.  But you were just dying to know how it went here, right?

We arrived here October 17th, and moved right into TLF on base.  We began crazy house-hunting, paperwork, getting in-processed, etc.  Luckily we found a place and moved in pretty quickly (with a LOT of help from our friends in the house-hunting, translating, and ride-providing!!).  I knew that they didn't celebrate Halloween in Germany the way we do in the States, but there were a lot of Halloween activites planned on base.  We decided to go on base to base housing so that the kids could go trick or treating.  So did almost everyone else who lives off base!  We took a few pictures at home before heading to base.

My little Tinkerbell in the outfit my friend Michele got for her in Korea!  Didn't you know Tinkerbell wears purple Crocs?

The busiest ketchup packet you've ever seen.

This is as good as it gets.

We got to base housing right at 5 when it started.  

By 5:15 there was quite a crowd, and you had to wait in line for candy.

By 5:30 there were so many people you couldn't even walk around, and I said "We have to get out of here!".  Mdx had candy and was happy, so she didn't care.

We came home and Mdx and Marshall sat outside to see if any trick or treaters came to our house.  None did.  :(  They still had fun drinking beer (Marshall) and eating cookies and candy(Mdx).

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adrienne_sakura said...

wow apparently if you want to give out candy that's where you should live. haha. we had two groups of trick or treaters. i don't even know what i would do if i saw that many kids coming up to my house. o.O