Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa and a Cookie Party

You can't have Christmas without taking your kids to see Santa, now can you?  I think all parents feel obligated to make the annual trek to wherever the weirdo who thinks dressing like Santa and having kids on his lap the closest authentic-looking Santa is, so we can get those great photos of happy, smiling children, and cute memories of kids telling Santa exactly what they want for Christmas.  If only it actually worked out that way.

If you look through the Archives back to last year (I'd link you but it's late and I'm lazy), you'd see that the kids weren't fazed at all by our Korean Santa last year.  Piece of cake.  This year, I knew it would be different.  I know my kids, and I know how they react to things, and I KNEW it probably wasn't a great idea.  Yet still, we got all dressed up, schlepped to the Community Center on base, prepped Maddox with the "Now, what are you going to tell Santa, do you remember?"....and Mav fell asleep on the way.  Great.  I actually figured that having a sleeping kid sitting on Santa's lap would be cuter than a screaming kid.  If only that plan would have worked.  As soon as we were in line and all the other kids and parents were being noisy, he woke up and looked around like "WHAT THE???"

Bad sign, folks.  He wakes up like me- really unhappy to be awake, generally pissy, doesn't want to talk to anyone about anything, or move too quickly- in fact- everyone just GO AWAY.  Mdx on the other hand wakes up all sweet and happy, full of "I love you"s and hugs.  Not Mav- he (as do I) has a hard time with the transition.  So Santa- yeah...good luck old buddy.

Maddox walks up and gives him the picture she colored of the scooter she wanted.  She then spent the next minute explaining the picture and why she colored it, and who it was, and why she brought it- until I got antsy and said "Okay, let's take a picture!".  I think all the stuffed animals and fake trees were creeping me out.

He says some "HoHoHo"s and I put her on his lap.  She fake cheeses, click, we're done.  I put Mav on his lap, and well- here:
That's the "I'm about to turn around and punch this dude in the throat" face.  Good times.  Click.  Let's get out of here!!

Back at home, he was much happier.

And the kids played a game of Let's-squish-Daddy-on-the-couch!

I grew up going to an annual cookie party with my Mother and some of her teaching friends, and I really miss it when I don't get to go.  We hope that next year we can make it back to the States in time for the cookie party (crossing all our fingers and toes!).  Mdx and I baked some cookies so she could have a little taste of the excitement.  

Apron on, and ready to bake.

Rolling out the dough

It started snowing, so she had to check it out!

The cookies cooled off so we could decorate them.

A little royal icing on each, and sprinkles, and they were GREAT!

We made some for our Landlord's family, with the letter of each of their names.

We ate a lot, but saved some for Santa!

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