Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grandpa Mac

Sadly, Marshall's grandfather passed away this past Sunday after a short battle with failing kidneys, and a weak heart.  He had been in the hospital, and we didn't have a lot of details, but his brother Mason was trying to keep us informed as much as possible.  Marshall's parents went up to Maryland to be with him, and I'm glad they were there.  Marshall woke up Monday morning to go to work at 4AM and had a voicemail from his Dad telling him that Grandpa had passed.  Marshall came into the bedroom where I was trying to fall back asleep and told me.  He was understandably very upset.  I immediately said "You have to go home!".  We knew that it would be a long shot 1) Trying to get leave on a holiday week 2) Trying to get a seat on the Patriot Express, which flies back to the States only twice a week, and 3) He needed to get some stitches taken out and would have to reschedule that appointment.  I told him that if he couldn't get on the PatExp that I thought he should just buy a commercial ticket and go anyway.  So- Marshall headed into work to see if he could find his shirt, and start the leave process.  Leave was approved, the PatExp had room, and the hospital worked him into their schedule and got the stitches out- miracles DO happen!  Marshall left earlier today and will be home for the Thanksgiving holiday with his family.  I'm so glad he'll get this time with them to mourn his Grandpa, and get some quality time with his brothers too.

Although I'd only known him about 6(ish?) years, Gpa Mac treated me like his own granddaughter from the start.  He always asked great questions and was interested in my teaching, and was extremely supportive of my quest to get a Masters degree at The University of Michigan.  He and Helen (Gma Mac) even came to Ann Arbor and attended my graduation ceremonies, which meant a lot.  I have many memories of Mac (Marshall also goes by Mac....a blessing or a curse of anyone with a Mc last name I suppose). The one that means the most to me is from the last time I saw him, which was in October, just a little more than a month ago.  We were leaving for Korea in a few weeks and they came down to NC for a weekend visit.  He wasn't feeling very well at the time, but still held Maverick and watched Maddox play.  Before they left he was hugging me, and he held me close and said "You have such a wonderful family, you are a great Mother!".  I can still hear his voice telling me that, and I'll remember it forever.

Just a few pics I found:
In Ann Arbor at my graduation from grad school at U of M.  
I'm about 5 months pregnant with Mdx in this picture.

Baby Mdx with Mac and Helen.

Gpa Mac, Mdx, and my Mom at Mdx's 1st Birthday party.

She was *this close* to walking, and waited a few days after everyone left to finally start!

Four generations of McIntyres.

During our last visit this past October- Mike is holding up a droopy ghost, Mac, Helen, and Marcia.

  I've tried to explain to Mdx what has happened, but it's hard to know how much she understands.  She knows Gpa Mac was sick and in the hospital.  I explained that his body couldn't get any better, so he died and went to heaven (She knows Tipsy is in heaven too).  When I told Maddox that Grandpa is in heaven now, so we won't see him any more, she smiled and said "Grandpa Mac's in HEAVEN!?  Woohoo!" and threw her hands in the air.  :)  Not altogether an appropriate response- but not completely wrong either.  A wonderful Grandpa who left us a ton of great memories-  we love you Grandpa Mac.


Sarabeth Hudson said...

Mary, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of marshall's grandfather. Although, I have to say...I love Maddox's response! We should all be so happy to hear our loved ones have gone to be with Jesus - in a place where there is no more pain or sadness. It is supposed to be so wonderful he wouldn't want to come back if he could. I know that doesn't really help the pain of the loss. Your family and Marshall's is in my prayers.

Em said...

I was thinking Maddox's response was completely appropriate! How awesome. Mac will certainly be missed. He was so sweet to me and my kids too - so welcoming all the time!

Rocketgirl said...

Grandpa Mac was right - Maddox's reaction alone proves it. You are an incredible mother. I'm so happy for your small miracles and your wonderful memories. You are truly living the spirit of Thanksgiving by finding joy in being thankful for them. Happy Thanksgiving!!