Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Pepero Day!

November 11th in South Korea is Pepero Day!  Pepero are a cookie and chocolate stick in various flavors, sold by a company called Lotte here in Korea.  Supposedly it is like Valentines Day, and people exchange boxes of Pepero.  I think it is on November 11th because the Pepero sticks look like the numbers 11/11.  We got some boxes and sent them to school with Maddox, and Marshall came back from dropping her off with a box from her teachers.  :)

Here are some pics from our trip to E-mart yesterday.  It is a mile walk to the train station, 2 train stops, and then about a quarter mile walk to the store.

My finger is pointing at Songtan, where we live.  We went South 2 stops to Jije, where E-mart is.

I took this picture on the walk from the train station to the store, because I liked the pattern that was made in the field.  Later on you will see what had happened to the field while we were shopping.

Here is E-mart.  It is a cross between a Target and an Ikea.  It is 2 stories tall and we didn't even get to see all of it.  Marshall said on the weekends they have people outside directing traffic in the parking lot.

Here is the Pepero section, decorated for Pepero Day.

More Pepero.

This is upstairs, in the school and art supply section.
We ate lunch in the food court.  This is what Marshall got, we think it was chicken.  Kimchi on the side.

My meal- fried pork (?) with rice and curry sauce.  Kimchi on the side.

Mom got Bibimbap.  Kimchi on get the idea.

There was a Baskin Robbins in the store with these incredible ice-cream cakes.  

Here is the field on our way back to the train station- the giant marshmellows are hay bales!  The cool pattern was gone.

Here are our E-mart purchases for around the house:
A Bookcase for the living room.  We also go another for the bedroom.

Grammy decided Maddox needed this Pororo table so she'd have a place to do her coloring/painting/general mischief making.  It's interesting how I don't want the kids to have stuff with American characters all over them (mainly because of the huge marketing machine behind them), but these Korean characters don't bother me.  Pororo is a Korean cartoon.

This coat rack goes from floor to ceiling in the entry way.  Before we had this all our coats were thrown in a pile on top of a chair.  You can see our shoes.

A mirror for Mdx's room, because as Mom said: "Little girls need a mirror to look in!".  Haha!  There's my feet.

Okay, there are enough pictures in this post- I think I deserve a day off tomorrow, right?? 


Anonymous said...

If you'll be here at Christmas, a very important Korean tradition is to get a Christmas cake. BR, Paris Baguette, Cold Stone..they all compete with each other to sell the most cakes. The first year I was here at Christmas, I got the 'Lovely Baby Rudolph' cake. Some of them are really fabulous in terms of design!

Anonymous said...

the korean food that you ate is duncas...which is fried pork...the kimchee that ya'll got in the picture is actually kwackdue gee which is a form of kimchee but not the traditional one. It's radish., I'm jealous!

MABoone said...

It looks like all of you are settled in and doing so well. I do see much resemblance in Maddox and Maverick's baby pics!!!! I enjoyed today's post and plan to look at the others during the next few days. Thanks for sharing your Korean lives with those of us in the States. Love to all!
Mary Ann Boone