Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 had about 3 different plans for us.  First, we were going to eat a big meal with my friend Nonja's family and some other families that they were getting together.  We know Nonja because we were stationed at Langley together.  Everyone was going to be bringing something and it was going to be a type of potluck.  That plan changed about a week before Thanksgiving though, when it just got too big and there were too many people involved.  No one had an apartment that could hold everyone, and it was too complicated.  Nonja told me they had decided to go to the club, and we were welcome to come if we wanted to do that.

Since I knew Marshall worked with a bunch of single Airmen (or Airmen who didn't have a family here), I suggested to Marshall that we should host a potluck at our house.  He asked around at work, and everybody seemed interested.  So, we drafted up a list of what we would provide (turkey, stuffing, and a dessert), and other people could sign up for stuff to bring. It was going to be a pretty nice party I think!  Then, Grandpa Mac died and we decided Marshall should head home if the plan changed again!  Boy, I am nothing, if not flexible.

After we knew Marshall would be leaving I got back in touch with Nonja and asked if they could add one more to their reservation at the O Club- she said of course!  SO- plan C: eating with them at 1pm.  I decided to take Maddox to school that day for my own selfish reasons.  She has no idea what Thanksgiving is, or that she would even be missing it, and I was stressed out enough without trying to wrangle both kids at the O Club in front of a group of people I don't know.  I would actually be able to relax and enjoy the that's what I did.  Hopefully when she's a teenager and she's reading this she'll forgive me.   I missed Marshall, but still had a lovely time with friends.

There was an amazing buffet with TONS of choices!  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the Prime Rib and Turkey buffet.  Oops!

The Cake/Pastry/Fruit buffet

The traditional pies and cobblers buffet

The other side of the pastries.

Only one of my two plates!!  Notice the black olives Dad??
  And yes, that's a doughnut.  Because I could.

Our group of friends

Back home Maverick watched me clean from his bouncy chair.  
Here's the vest Aunt Em made!  Mav's chunking up nicely, weighing right around 13 pounds now.

I'm thinking we need to go back to the O Club for Christmas dinner....because there is no way that we can have a meal anywhere close to that nice, for such an amazing price ($13.00 for club members!!!), plus there were NO dishes to wash afterward.


Marshall McIntyre said...

Im sold for Christmas!

However, I told the guys at work that we would still do a make-up Thanksgiving if they wanted.

Em said...

It looks yummy! You've got to email me that picture of Mav with the vest on! So cute! It looks like it fits him pretty well - would look great with a t-shirt too! I'm going to make one for Avery now!

Andrea and Ben said...

You are flexible! We actually had to get take out from the club as our little boy was sick. The food was pretty good!!

On a side note - I think it is interesting that you follow Deliciously Organic - we know Carrie and her husband from many years ago and I only recently reconnected with her blog - good stuff!