Monday, November 8, 2010

Out to dinner

After being here a few days we went to a Korean restaurant not far from our apartment, so that Mom could have a traditional Korean meal.  I called my friend Nonja and invited her, and she invited a friend, so we ended up with a group!

Sitting on the floor waiting for our food.  The chimney looking things hanging down are vents that suck up the steam and smoke from the cooking food.

Maddox brought her training chopsticks, which she calls "Chompsticks" and pretends they are an alligator.  

Everyone got Bulgogi to share, this was beef and pork.  It is cooked on a grill in the middle of the table.

Traditional Korean meals are served with all sorts of small dishes of appetizers for everyone to share.  I tasted most of them, including the kimchi.  This kimchi wasn't very hot.  I ordered Bibimbap, which you can see in the biggest bowl.  It is steaming hot rice with assorted cooked vegetables on top (and sometimes seaweed) and then they crack an egg on it right before they serve it to you.

Maddox didn't eat much at all- except for the snacks that I had in my backpack.  I didn't really expect her to eat the Korean food, it was more for the experience than for anything else.  The whole meal was so cheap- 10 people ate for less than 40 dollars total!


Marshall McIntyre said...

That was a deliciously cheap meal! I think I may have found my new favorite place to eat! The waitress was very friendly with Maddox, and Maddox seemed to like her also.

JaclynJohnson said...

Ok Mary, I am loving these blogs!!!! I forgive you for not blogging for a whole year since you are doing so great at keeping us updated. :-) We miss you a lot here in the US but it looks like everyone is so happy and we are thrilled that the McIntyre family is together again! :-) Love you all!!