Friday, November 5, 2010

Shooting through the sky

We asked to pre-board the flight to Seoul from Detroit, and the gate agent said we should just walk up right after they called Business Class and she would let us go ahead.  What we didn't realize is that everyone would crowd around even before they began calling people and block the way to the door.  So, preboarding went out the window.  We gate checked the stroller once again, and made our way back to row 51.  Mav had to be strapped in against the window (babies cannot block adult access to the aisle), so I sat next to him and had Maddox on the aisle so she could see Mom who was sitting right across from us.

It seemed that the minute the plane took off every Korean on the flight seemed to go to sleep!  It was very quiet.  I was worried about Mdx annoying people with all her talking, but most of it was drowned out by how loud the plane engines were.  The Korean Air flight attendants were all dressed very nicely, one was wearing a red silk dress and fedora-looking hat.  We realized that we had forgotten Mdx's headphones, which was a bummer because the ear buds they handed out were too big to stay in her ears.  She did try to watch the tv screen occasionally and would hold the buds in her ears, but it didn't last long. There were 2 good long stretches of sleep for her- she leaned sideways against me and bent her legs in the seat...but I think I only got about 1 hour of sleep over the 20 hours of travel.

The meals they served were surprisingly nice!  I took a picture- and YES I had a Corona with my meal.  :)  Beer and wine were complimentary.   It was funny when I looked over at Mom and saw her putting her salad dressing on her salad...only she had accidentally left the plastic cover over the salad and the dressing was landing on the cover!  Hahaha!  This was a salad, multigrain roll, cheese and crackers, chicken and orzo, and a brownie.  Yum!

Mom and I took some homeopathic pills recommended to us by my cousin Ilana called "No Jet Lag" that I got at REI.  You chew up one tablet every 2 hours during travel and it helps your body adjust to the time change.   They just taste like sugar.  I really think they helped, because although I was tired when we arrived, I didn't feel like a zombie like I remember feeling the first time I went to Korea in 2007.

The first 8 hours of the flight seemed to pass fairly quickly and then it just dragged and dragged!  Luckily Maverick was happy, and Maddox had fun things to play with, and her Grammy to talk to!  She went back and forth across the aisle many times and Mom was so good about pulling something else out to occupy her time.  Maverick nursed about every 2 hours or so during the flight and I had on a nursing top that really covered up everything so I wasn't self-conscious at all.

When we arrived in Seoul we took our time getting off the plane so that we wouldn't hold anyone up.  I put the stroller back together and we headed toward immigration and customs.  It was not well marked as far as where we were supposed to go, I was going to just follow the crowd- but then we stopped to go to the bathroom and the crowd was GONE!  Luckily the flight attendants from our plane were still around and we walked with them to immigration.

Tommorow- our entrance to the country!


JaclynJohnson said...

This is so awesome to read, Mary! I can't wait for tomorrow! :-)

Angela said...

Yeah thanks for the updates! I love how you tell a story! Give everyone hugs for me!!

NANCY1010SCRAP said...

I'm glad you made it safely. I will be keeping tabs on you through the blog. Miss you.