Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Köln Chocolate Museum

Everyone said we couldn't go to Cologne without seeing the Chocolate Museum.  It has its own Christmas Market as well- with an Ocean/Pirate theme, since it is right on the river.

This was a glühwein stand in the market.

Brilliant idea!  A children's play tent!

There were a few of these little pirate ships around for the kids.

This was a nativity made from chocolate!

Marshall immediately recognized these African beer bottle caps.

 There are really cool displays from the records of the cocoa farms.

This shows each ingredient that goes in the different types of chocolate.

The effect of chocolate on your body!

You can get free chocolate wafers from this fountain!

Next we headed into the production area.

You can see how the chocolates get wrapped.

 The robots take them off the assembly line.

HUGE chocolate molds hanging from the ceiling!

The old molds used to be metal.

This train set mold is cool.

We HAD to design our own chocolate bar, of course!  Here is the lady making it.  We ordered marshmellows, rice crispies, and smarties.

There was a game area on the top floor for kids.

It's a great museum!  Give yourself at least 2 hours to check it out!

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