Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Black Forest Museum

After seeing the waterfall, we had lunch and headed over to the Black Forest Museum.  It didn't look that impressive from the outside, but the inside was very cool!

Just one of many clocks in the museum.

There were a few of these life-sized people- only slightly creepy.

There were also quite a few pipe organs, or player pianos that you could put a coin into, and they were still working!  They got a lot of our coins.  

These one was HUGE!  And when it played it was extremely loud!

This spool of paper (I think it was paper?) was moving really fast, but you could see the holes in it.

This spool was metal, and had little pins sticking out. You can see the label above it, showing what music note each line is playing.

Quite an impressive program!

Clock anyone?

I don't know many people who could fit a grandfather clock that is THIS BIG in their house!

"Mommy, do you have any more coins?"

Made in Leipzig, in 1900.

After the museum, we had some Black Forest cake in the cafe- it was delicious!

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