Friday, January 3, 2014

Legos at Legoland

I took a lot of pictures of things made out of Legos at Legoland.  Naturally.

This guy was caught up in the net, next to the boat ride.

During our boat ride there was a lego seagull.


Really cool and HUGE Lego airport!

The airplanes really moved down the runway.

Do you recognize this from our Rhein River Cruise?

San Marco Square from Venice.

Rialto Bridge from Venice.

This wedding scene was cute.


Lego Darth Vader- and a picture of Mdx taking a picture.

I had to....I get so irritated when I see other people's kids doing something they shouldn't do, and the parents just ignore them.  It seems to happen a lot in Europe.  I just wanted to say "GET DOWN!"

Lego cute!

Lego band, they really moved and played music.

This water fountain was cool- when the kids stepped on the block, it would add that instrument to the song, and make the water come out.

Good ol' Albert Einstein.

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